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Are you a MEO or NOS customer?  The bill is more expensive than today

Are you a MEO or NOS customer? The bill is more expensive than today

sAnd if you’re a MEO or NOS customer, prepare for a price increase from Wednesday, with the two telecom operators’ values ​​updated It comes into force with the arrival of February.

MEO prices are getting more expensive…

Altice Portugal was the first operator to announce the price update from February, with Fixed-vote-only customers and retirees with a retired plan are excluded from this increaseLlosa told its CEO, Ana Figueiredo, in October. According to the company, the number of clients with only a pension plan and fixed pension is 100,000.

…and those of NOS, too

NOS announced a price update similar to Meo’s, which is also based on the Consumer Price Index (7.8%) and which takes effect on February 1st.

Vodafone’s bill doesn’t go away and also goes up in March

Vodafone Portugal has announced to customers that it will raise prices for telecom services “from March 1st, with a Max increase 7.8%As the carrier noted, “The update was calculated with reference to the inflation rate, based on the 2022 Consumer Price Index published by the National Institute of Statistics each year.”

In case right Nowthat “is in a very special situation, as it awaits a final decision from the competition authority regarding the takeover of this operator by Vodafone”, states DECO Proteste, with The operator has already announced that it will maintain prices.

Telecom bill increase “should be obvious,” DECO gushes

The major carriers have already announced that prices will increase in the coming weeks, however These increases must be clear and must be confirmed in their communications “with the consumer 30 days in advance,” even if the increase is included in the contract.And He defends the DECO Proteste.

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DECO says, in a note posted on its website.

still for this purpose, A press conference for the National Communications Authority is scheduled to be held next Wednesday (ANACOM) on the high prices of electronic communication services announced for this year.

what should be done?

DECO Proteste advises consumers to Check Whether they belong to “cases provided for in the new Electronic Communications Law (ECL) before which consumers cannot be charged for early termination”, consult the contract “to determine whether or not there is a provision regarding the possibility or not of updating annual prices based on the rate of inflation (on For example, based on the Consumer Price Index), and the operator’s statutory obligation to report price increases in advance only applies if this does not exist.”

In addition to, “paying offAlso, all changes made by the operator after the initial contract,” and “in some cases, operators sent additions to the contract with this clause,” he said.

Where the Operator proposes “a price change above what is stipulated in the contract, the communication with the Operator to carry out the termination without consideration shall be in writing”, therefore “Request It adds to the operator evidence of his connection, in case he does not find this information.

In addition to, “Use the online platform to terminate telecom contracts If you intend to terminate the contract before the loyalty expires, “but remember that you will have to pay termination costs,” he points out.

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