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"Are you afraid that your daughter will be prejudiced for being a daughter and granddaughter?"  - Mikael Carrera responds

“Are you afraid that your daughter will be prejudiced for being a daughter and granddaughter?” – Mikael Carrera responds

Laura Figueiredoformer presenter of Fame Show Currently, she is a businesswoman, who returned to the world of communication and launched a project on YouTube, where she will give interviews with many personalities. nickname ‘let’s go let’s go‘, an expression he uses regularly, and the first guest on the show was his companion, Mikael Carrera.

During about half an hour of conversation, the couple talked about different aspects of life together, taking a lot of time to remember the beginning of the relationship, the way they met, who fell in love first, and Develop from a passion that has lasted for 10 years.

Later, Laura and Michael Carrera end up talking about their daughter Beatricefive years. The businesswoman asked the singer if she might exist Fear of a daughter’s growthwith Mickael addressing the issue of bias, something that comes from the nickname “Carreira”.

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Let’s talk about us, about the family, Biya’, he began by pointing to Laura Figueiredo, introducing the topic into the conversation.”Your father started singing many years ago. You live in France, but when you arrive in Portugal, you have the status of “son of Tony Carrera”. Today, looking at Pia, and I remember talking about this because we’ve already been through a situation… (…) So I think I already know your answer. But, what are you afraid of Pia going through some prejudice for being a daughter, granddaughter, niece…?asks partner Mickael Carreira.

I think when you have a nickname, like our name, that has weight, you always end up, especially in school, and we’ve all been through it, because I feel, I wouldn’t say it was a direct bias, but it’s always that “look, it’s a son” look.. I think, inevitably, Pia will get through this, but I think it will make her stronger as well.‘, the singer assumed.

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I’m an “exposed dad,” both of us, but Pia is a very special kid, and she has a lot of strength. I am sure it will skip anything in this regard. And that’s not out of this world either, keep in mind, but it’s part of it, of course.said the artist.

You were very nice to answer, right?“It ended up joking with Laura Figueiredo.”That’s because we went through an episode like this, relatively recently, with this “Carreira” story, and I didn’t react very well.‘, ended up recognizing Laura Figueiredo.

You were so upset about what happened, but you were still more upset than I was. I met the real “lion father” for the first timeLaura Figueiredo said. “Don’t mess with his daughter‘, he finished.

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