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É cliente EDP Comercial? A sua fatura vai baixar em julho

Are you an EDP business customer? Your bill will be reduced in July

With the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, prices for various products and services have risen significantly. We recently revealed over here They are the cheapest power packs available in Portugal.

EDP ​​Comercial will cut its prices, on average, by 2.6% from July onwards.

EDP ​​Comercial will cut its price by 2.6% from July

EDP ​​Comercial revealed today that its prices will, on average, drop 2.6% from July onwards, after being updated "exceptionally in May". “Over the past few years, EDP Comercial has endeavored to ensure stability for its resident clients throughout the year,” the company said in a statement.

The electric company also revealed that “due to the significant impact of the international context on the cost of energy acquisition, the company updated pricing exceptionally in May.”

Are you an EDP business customer?  Your bill will be reduced in July

Now, “EDP considers that it is in a position, as of July, to reduce its prices by an average of 2.6%. This update is aimed at restoring the conditions that customers were in at the beginning of the year.

According to the Energy Services Regulatory Authority, through its most recent Commercial Electricity Offers Bulletina couple with two children currently looking for the cheapest electricity tariff on the duty free will bill a bill of €87.11 per month, with Goldenergy's 2022 Monoelétrico ACP fee.

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