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Android 13 Google apps problemas

Are you going to install Android 13? Beware of Unresolved App Problems

Android 13 is a reality and Google smartphone users can install this version. It’s still a short list, but it opens the door for use by other manufacturers.

Now that it is accessible, non-positive reports are starting to emerge. Everything points to problems with the use of various applications, with an emphasis on banking, among other things.

be Lots of news Developed by Google in Android 13, in particular to protect users and their data. It was introduced in the various test versions released, and finally reached maturity with the last version introduced.

Still limited to the Google Pixel, this new system is gradually making its way to smartphones. His audience is still small, but it lets us know how he will behave in the future. Unfortunately, the news in this area is not the best.

Several reports indicate problems using various applications in this new Google platform. These seem to have compatibility issues and don't work as expected by Android users.

Android 13 Google Apps Problems

The solution that seems to exist is to wait for new versions of these apps to appear. Developers must validate issues and release updates for their problematic versions of apps on Android 13 within days, to resolve the issue

If in previous years one of the solutions was to go back to the previous version of the Google system, this is no longer possible. A strictly implemented procedure prevents version rollback, which leads to blocking the smartphone in the latest version.

This is not good news for Android 13 and Google, although it is only pending for developers. All applications should be updated in the next few days, thus getting support for the new version and eliminating detected problems once and for all.

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