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ColorOS 13 OPPO Android 13

Are you ready for ColorOS 13? OPPO unveils Android 13 soon

The date of Android 13 is approaching, and OPPO is also about to show what it has developed on top of this new system. This customization is based on what Google has prepared and expands the list of features and improvements.

This new OPPO platform is under development and the brand has now revealed a very important novelty. ColorOS 13 will be introduced soon and at that time it will appear in full force. Everything will happen on the eighteenth.

Since the introduction of Android 13 at this year's I / O, OPPO Present In testing and development. start concentrated In the basic Google version, but soon the brand evolved towards its customization, ColorOS 13.

This will include all the news that Google has been preparing for the past few months, but it wants to go further. It will contain all the additions prepared by OPPO that make this version unique and different from all other manufacturers.

The developments are practically finished now, as with Google's Android 13, so it's time for the news. The new version of the OPPO system will be presented on August 18, as the brand has now revealed.

On this day, OPPO will show everything that it has been preparing in recent months, based on the new version of the Google platform. Despite this novelty, there is still no exact date for the release of ColorOS 13 for users.

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ColorOS 13 OPPO Android 13

Similarly, there is still no official list of smartphones of the brand that will receive this version, but there are already well-defined candidates. However, the brand should start with the release of ColorOS 13 Look for the X5 ProThe best smartphone of the brands.

This is great news and shows that brands are increasingly sticking to Android. OPPO's ColorOS 13 will likely arrive a few days after Google unveils Android 13, although it will take some time for all models to receive this new version.