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"Are you single?"  Carolina Deslandes answers questions about "Wi-Fi"

“Are you single?” Carolina Deslandes answers questions about “Wi-Fi”

“NSare you single? This was one of the questions Carolina Deslandes was asked during ‘Wi-Fi’ at RFM, Monday, August 30. After the question, the singer was quick to answer: ‘I am.’

The artist was in conversation with Joanna Cruz, Rodrigo Gomez and Daniel Fontura, and also shared that she wants to have more children, and also admitted that she had already chosen the names of the children, but without revealing them.

“I had a name to give to my daughter – which will be there – and it was Aurora. I’ve said this all over the place and I already know ten Aurora out there. [Por isso] I won’t say it again. I have already come up with two new names, I have two names for boys and two for girls. ”

Carolina Deslands is still on the love side, highlighting the “minimum requirements” so far. “First of all, I don’t like being called a Carolina Deslandes boyfriend, don’t use that. I hate it when I’m on a date and the guy says, ‘If I tell someone I’m here with Carolina Deslandes…’ he started by saying, ‘Give it to me right away it’s disgusting.'”

“Honest. I always like to know who people vote for, it’s really important to me. I’m really weird. I’ve never had a ‘one night stand.'” What kind of exposure doesn’t suit me. […] Someone who respects me as a mother and doesn’t give a lot of bitaites. I think it’s important to be open because the person has an opinion too, but don’t get too involved and respect my profession,” he enumerated afterwards.

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“What would you change about yourself?” asked Joanna Cruz. “I am very boring, domineering, when I am tired I have a level of impatience that makes me have a pebble on my forehead, I hate football fanaticism. I don’t fall asleep in the morning. […] “Sometimes I’m tough and I can be more affectionate and affectionate,” Deslands said.

Joanna Cruz then asked, “What’s the biggest contradiction in your entire life?” “Having said that love is for life and not even after four years of separation,” the artist responded, referring to the song “A Vida Toda”, released shortly after the birth of their first child, Santiago.

Here are all of Carolina Deslandes’ Wi-Fi questions and answers from RFM.

Remember that in addition to Santiago, Carolina Deslands is also the mother of Benjamin and Guilherme, as a result of her relationship with Diogo Clemente, whom she separated last year.

Note that this Monday was also Joana Cruz returns to Wi-Fi at RFM.

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