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"Are you still with him?"  - Anna Sherepanova explains her relationship with Thiago, from "Married at First Sight"

“Are you still with him?” – Anna Sherepanova explains her relationship with Thiago, from “Married at First Sight”

The last episode of Married at first sightwhich occurred on Sunday, April 10, was marked by the moment when Dina Geddes She accused her husband tiago jacketAnd From cheating on her throughout the honeymoon.

In Lisbon, the participant discovered a strange coincidence on the social networks of her Russian husband and wife, Anna Chiribafora, whom Thiago met on the island of Sal, in Cape Verde, during a night out without Dina. businessman books “B.C” With emoji Crown and heart in profile while influential Put the initials of the name Tiago Jaqueta with the same name emoji in your Instagram page.

After “BETRAYAL,” James from Marriage at First Sight replies: “Do you still remember my vote?”

The Russian shared a blast on her account Instagramwhere it was mentioned “The most unbearable woman is the independent woman, who has found a whole world in herself and is being swept away by this world. (…) You can be very important to her, but she will not tolerate it and wait. She just walks away “is reading.

In the comment box, many netizens asked Anna about her relationship with Thiago Jaquita. “Why are you still with Thiago when you find out that he is married? He can do the same to you.”asked an Internet user. The Russian explained without hesitation: “I’m not with Tiago”, He said. In another comment, Anna Sheripavura said that she is single.

Thiago Jaketta and Anna Chiribafora do not follow each other on social media.

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