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Are you stressed?  The solution may be in your gut

Are you stressed? The solution may be in your gut

A new study has discovered a way to manage stress and prevent mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety, in an innovative way: through the gut. This organ contains countless microorganisms, and researchers have discovered specific bacteria that help treat physical and mental health. The big bonus is that it is found in everyday foods, such as fermented foods and yogurt.

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Bacteria that prevent depression, anxiety and stress

The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Virginia School of Medicine, who highlighted the magnificence of the discovery: it is the first to determine the role of Lactobacillus bacteria, which are bacteria that help control mental and physical health, independently of other microorganisms. From the body.

These organisms found in the human body’s flora are collectively called microbiota and have actually been studied as a group as a means of combating disease. Now, the new approach shows how beneficial Lactobacillus is and could be used to develop new preventive and management treatments for stress, depression, anxiety and other conditions.

The intestinal flora contains more than 39 million microorganisms and a study was able to study lactobacilli separately (Image: mi_viri/Shutterstock)

How it works

According to researchers, these bacteria live in the intestines and affect mood disorders in humans, and they also have an effect on the immune system.

The group had already conducted previous research and demonstrated that Lactobacillus bacteria can reverse depression in mice, but scientists need to figure out how this happens.

So, they used a combination of bacteria, with two Lactobacillus strains and six other bacterial strains, and tested it again on mice.

According to the site Express MedicalThey discovered that the bacteria affect an immune indicator called interferon gamma, which regulates the body’s response to stress and other conditions, helping, for example, to avoid the previously observed depression.

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How will the bacteria be used?

After obtaining promising results in understanding how lactobacilli work in the body, they can be used to develop new treatments to combat and prevent various diseases, both physical and mental.