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Antonio Carvalho, Bruna Gomes

“Are you stupid or have no respect?”

Bruna Gomez lifted the ‘tip of the veil’ from her new project by sharing a controversial photo. Antonio Carvalho shocked by promo Winner of “Big Brother – The Ultimate Challenge”.

Bruna Gomez promised, and at the end of the night on Tuesday, August 16, she revealed other details of her new project. The former “Big Brother” contestant took part in a montage in which she appeared in front of a burning house, with several firefighters putting out the flames.

From the creators of ‘Come here’ comes: ‘It’s Tomorrow’can be read in the image caption.

Antonio Carvalho, a former competitor of TVI’s “O Amor Happens”, has blasted social media for harshly criticizing the influencer. “What you see here is Bruna’s story, it’s promo From some nonsense you do, where you see a house on fire and you stand before it laughing, all happy and joyful”begins by saying.

“I would tell Bruna that she has a head problem, that she is stupid, or that she does not respect what is happening in the country.‘It’s not her country, the one that’s currently taking her in her lap and giving her glory, fame and money,'” he shot, visibly upset.

“Right now, people are suffering, houses are burning, men are dying, everything is destroyed. And Mrs. Bruna in front of a burning house, they laugh happily and tout some nonsense. I can not realize! “finished by Antonio Carvalho.

It is noteworthy that at 10:30 pm this Tuesday, more than 1,300 elements participated in the fight against the raging fire in the area Sierra da Estrela, being the only one in mainland Portugal. This fire broke out on August 6 in Garucho, in the municipality of Covilha, and forced the evacuation of the towns of Sarzido, Orges and Valle Formoso.

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This fire has also reached the municipalities of Mantegas, Gouveia, Guarda and Celorico da Beira, all in Guarda province.

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