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"Aren't you stretching?"

“Aren’t you stretching?”

In the “Big Brother – The Ultimate Challenge”Catarina Sequeira and Gonzalo Quiñaz have built a beautiful (and strong) friendship.

However, in recent days, several photos appeared on social networks showing the closeness that was the target of criticism.

Netizens believe that the couple can appear and have already created a name: CaGon. Additionally, she “caught” a moment when Catarina Sequeira put her hand on Gonzalo Quinaz’s leg: “CaGon didn’t make much sense to it, there was such a naughty hand that the production even changed the camera”.

This is not the only moment that deserves some comments like: “Isn’t Katarina extending herself a little closer to Quinaz?”.

Two more months into this and we had a wedding.And “Their relationship takes on a not so good percentage. I don’t appreciate her as a player. But he has an outside relationship and a daughter.” or This thing about Katrina and Quinaz is getting weird. – are some of the comments made in recent days.

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