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Argentina confirms first case of monkeypox

a Argentine Ministry of Health Confirmed on Friday (27) The first case of monkeypox in the country, which also led to the first record of the disease in Latin America. himself Someone who recently sought medical care in Buenos Aireswith symptoms that indicate the disease.

Then came the confirmation PCR test In the patient, a 40-year-old man returned from a trip to Spain, according to the local press. “Hey genetic sequence It was performed using the Sanger method, which yielded a very high rate of homology with sequences from the West African clade.

And he was taken to the hospital on Sunday (22), during his presentation Fever and lesions in different parts of the body. But the patient is now doing well and undergoing symptomatic treatment, according to the member.

Confirmation of the case in Argentina came after clinical trials.source: stock struggle

According to the report, people close to him are closely monitored, under clinical and epidemiological control, and are currently asymptomatic. It is worth noting that headache, body aches, fatigue and swollen lymph nodes They are others Signs of monkey poxIn addition to fever and skin lesions.

new suspicious case

The Argentine health authorities also reported the identification of a A new suspected case of monkeypox. The notification concerns a resident of Spain visiting Buenos Aires and is not related to the first case.

The Ministry of Health explained that the person with an ulcer without other accompanying symptoms, and that he is in good general condition, and he is isolated and subject to treatment. Her samples are subject to clinical analysis.

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As of Friday (20), the number of confirmed cases has reached About 200, spread over more than 20 countries.