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Armando Evangelista criticizes Santa Clara: "I think Arauca deserves more respect" - Arauca

Armando Evangelista criticizes Santa Clara: “I think Arauca deserves more respect” – Arauca

The coach accused his opponents of opposing the game and complained about the referees

Arroca lost Sunday, on a visit to Santa Clara (2-1), in their Bwin League round 13 count match, which allowed the Azores to return to winning ways after four games. After the match, coach Armando Evangelista evaluated the match, as well as criticizing the position of the opponents and demanding respect for Arauca. “We knew it was going to be a complicated match. A game where the emotional factor can be involved in the final result. I think we can also complain a little about ourselves by not coming into the first half with a tie. Because when we managed to score. The goal, it was very close to the break. We have to be able to keep that equalizer,” said the 48-year-old coach.


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And Armando continued: “With regard to the second half, I think it is unambiguous who was at the top of the match, who looked for the opponent’s goal and was closer to the opponent’s goal and who created more than enough chances to take points from here.” Evangelista who did not lose sight of the criticism of Santa Clara and the referees. “What happened is unfortunate. It was a strange game where a lot was allowed. Then we have an offside game where the flag was not raised and after that move we scored a goal. We also have our share of responsibility for ourselves. Don’t take points from here. But five minutes of redemption is ridiculous for what happened. ‘ said the coach.

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“I think I could have played a little more for what he deserves, at least, Aroca. I think Aroca deserved more respect. When it comes to positive football, when it comes to improvement, I think very little has been played for this sport.” deserves,” concluded Armando Evangelista.

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