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Armando Gama's ex-companion responds to the singer's death: "I was a great warrior"

Armando Gama’s ex-companion responds to the singer’s death: “I was a great warrior”

Armando mountain range He passed away in the early hours of Monday morning January 17, at the age of 67. According to a family source, in statements to the Special Investigations AuthorityThe singer-songwriter was hospitalized at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology (IPO) and was suffering from a long-term illness.

However, on social networks, the tribute to the artist, including his former companion, doubled in value, Barbara Barbossa.

This was one of our first pictures. Picked up at your house, by your son Antonio. We were far from thinking about all the adventures we would have together. Do you remember when I went to play hotel near Korea and every time I opened the bedside table it would fall off? Three times later, with her on the floor, I told her: “Now stay there!” And so it stayed! Do you remember when I was pregnant in the hospital and the nurse passed us, and she came back and asked, very elated: “It’s Mr. George Palma, isn’t it?”, he began writing in the caption to an old photo of an ex-couple.

Not to mention the domestic violence complaint she filed against Armando Gama, in 2020, Barbara Barbosa confirmed that they both managed to “make peace” And it was always there “full confidence”.

We had bad times but it wasn’t even 10% of what the media reported. Life by your side has always been full of confidence. She never gave up on me at any time and fortunately we were able to make peace over a year ago without anyone noticing, which is very important to us and especially to our son. We managed to get past this stage of the disease without any outside fanfare.”, He said.

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“You were a great warrior! You had a unique and wonderful professional sense of humor with a rare respect for the audience. I played every day and when there was a concert I spent over a week practicing, apart from the work I had already done, though you know all the songs by leg one on your back, still.

“You fulfilled my biggest dream: to be a mother! And you know our Antonio is very proud to be your son. I am the most famous in school because my dad is Armando Gama!” He says, “You were the best dad he could have and you had your biggest fan in him.” Kiss of love and until one day, buddy, Been completed.

Remember that Armando Gama was married Valentina Torres for 26 years, with whom he bore two children, Anthony e Carolina. They broke up in 2010 and after the relationship ended, the singer-songwriter found love on their side Barbara Barbosa, with whom they have a son, who is currently six years old.