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- Armed Forces Ready - VG

– Armed Forces Ready – VG

Soldiers among the migrants: Belarusian soldiers walk here among the migrants on the border with Poland.

A Norwegian expert has warned that the head of HAJNOWKA / OSLO (VG) Alexander Lukashenko is unlikely to give up, even if a large number of people froze to death at the border. Belarus says its forces are “ready”.


Hundreds, possibly thousands, of people Stuck on the border between Belarus and Poland.

Many immigrants and refugees are families with children. But mostly young people, the minds of the desperate have come to the fore Attempts to cross closed borders.

– which – which can It became a problem for Lukashenko, since a huge number of people the desire to enter the European Union does not come true. That is why they are pushing them into the “no-go zone” at the border, says Martin Poulsen, one of the leading Norwegian experts in Belarus, former chairman of the board of directors of Ravto.

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Get the wooden sticks: the migrants were given wooden sticks, to light fires, but also to attack the border fence.

that it Travel agencies in Belarus that “lured” immigrantsMost of them paid tens of thousands of kroner. Several restrictions are now being imposed on flights departing from Belarus, which could make it difficult to bring migrants back by air again.

For several weeks, Belarus has been using immigrants as Cut in the game to put pressure on the EUBut Poland, Latvia and Lithuania fought hard and closed their borders.

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– At the moment, the number of immigrants is not greater than what Belarus can handle. It should also be remembered that we are talking about a leader who does not care about the fate of individuals. Poulsen says Lukashenko will probably live well with those people who are sitting in the woods and suffering.

Migrants: hundreds, possibly several thousand, fleeing the Middle East towards the European Union, after being lured to Belarus.

Do not believe in Ukraine resort

Belarus is expected to send migrants to the border with Ukraine, which is difficult to control.

– I think it seems unlikely, because these are the people who, after all, want to join the European Union, as Paulsen points out.

So far, at least eight migrants have been confirmed dead, Frozen to death on the border, but the real number is assumed to be much higher.

It is the European Union that cannot live with the fact that too many people are dying, or the humanitarian crisis is spiraling out of control. Conditions in the forest are inhumane. Poulsen believes that this is the entire external border of Schengen, and therefore there is also a responsibility on Norway.

The Polish side: Polish soldiers and rebel police on the border with Belarus.

“Holy Frontier”

Neither side showed signs of withdrawing. Poland says the border will be defended “by all means”, and has sent 15,000 soldiers. Polish Prime Minister Accuses a neighboring country of terrorismThe border says “sacred”.

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For his part, Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrinin said that he would “respond strongly” to any attack.

The Belarusian Armed Forces are ready. We want to warn angry people not to overestimate their capabilities, he says, noting that Belarus-allied Russia is ready to help.

Exercise: Paratroopers from Belarus and Russia are on their way to participate in an exercise on the border with Poland.

Two Russian soldiers were killed on Friday during a military exercise in Belarus on the border with Poland, the European Union member state. Their parachutes did not operate due to the strong winds, NTB reports.

In addition to paratroopers, Russian warplanes and Belarusian military helicopters are also taking part in the exercises. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, she was detained due to the increased military activity of Poland at the border.

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Putin and Lukashenko: – They are like a married couple on the verge of divorce, they cannot.

help immigrants

In Poland it is too The growing fear that the crisis will develop into war with the neighboring country.

Many Poles support the government’s hard line, others resent what is happening at the border, and It opens its homes to immigrants.

In a forested area near the borders with Poland and Belarus, activists held a press conference on Friday morning.

“We’ve helped 131 different groups here since November,” said Iwo Los, an activist with the grassroots GreensGruppen.

Press conference in the jungle: Activists reported to journalists the so-called “push backs”.

For him and other activists, it is frustrating not to be allowed to help refugees within the area along the border where a state of emergency has been declared.

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“Humanitarian organizations should be allowed to help refugees in this area,” he said.

Although he and the group blame Belarus for starting the refugee crisis, he also believes that the Polish authorities should work together.

Poland must also protect them here. Belarus’ obstacles do not deserve democracy. This is a violation of international law.

Since the beginning of October, VG has reported the situation on the border between Poland and Belarus. Here are some reports: