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Armendo Monteiro is considering running for the presidency of Benfica

Armendo Monteiro is considering running for the presidency of Benfica

Armindo Monteiro is considering running for Benfica president. The Portuguese businessman is president of the Portuguese Business Federation.

Armendo Monteiro is interested in running for Benfica's next elections in 2025. The ball is in the net you know The Portuguese businessman is seriously considering moving forward and, as such, is already making contacts to invite members to his list.

Armindo Monteiro has been President of CIP (Portuguese Business Confederation) since March 2023 and shareholder, president and CEO of the LEVON Group. The Portuguese businessman was also President of ANJE – National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, President of ANETIE – National Association of Information Technology and Electronics Companies, Vice President of Yes for Europe – European Federation of Associations of Young Entrepreneurs, Vice President of CIJE – Iberian – American Federation of Young Entrepreneurs and chaired General Council of the University of Évora.

Armindo Monteiro holds a degree in Loan Management from the University of Évora and a graduate degree in Statistics and Information Systems from the Universidad Nova de Lisboa.

Hey The ball is in the net He has tried to contact Armendo Montero, but has not been successful so far.

Armindo Montero CIPArmindo Montero CIP
Source: CIP

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