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Arnaud Montburg leaves again after hesitating to give up

Arnaud Montburg leaves again after hesitating to give up

Arnaud Montebourg firmly believed that this was the end of his presidential campaign. Dangerous, resigned on Monday, November 8, he expected his supporters to leave one by one before the screen was painted. The previous day, in LCI and RTL, he proposed to block “All transfers” Migrant money, “11 billion passes through Western Union”, To put pressure on countries that refuse to withdraw their compatriots who were expelled from France.

The former minister of François Hollande’s production revival caused a stir on the left and Eric Zemor’s amusement. It all started with a recommendation error. As with every weekend, Arnaud Monteberg brings his ten-member political committee. To break the media ceiling and try to restart an unprinted campaign, he insists entirely on talking about immigration. Despite being his favorite playground next week, “Made in France” – he is the champion -, its show takes place on Sunday, November 14, in Port de Versailles, Paris. There also stands a beekeeper.

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The popular move on money transfers already proposed by Marine Le Pen in 2018 was flammable, but without anyone knowing around the Political Council schedule, it was mentioned and rejected on the spot. In his protected custody, it asks him to support the soft option of freezing the property of the states rather than the property of individuals. But, in front of the cameras, the candidate, according to his relatives, stuck the brushes and confused both actions.

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“He found a certain energy”

He has been performing well ever since. “He found a certain energy”, Jérôme Durain, PS Senator of Saône-et-Loire. He does not regret any deviations within his campaign team, and although he is widely rejected within his clan, he no longer plans to give up. “His opponents on the left used very harsh words, but when we think of eliminating the opponent, we are not going to die. , Valentin Przyluski, leader of the engagement movement near Montebourg, regrets.

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Three more media interventions are needed, the last of which, on Friday, November 12, in a BFM-TV series, Arnaud Montebourg expressed a clear regret: “This is a mistake. This move will not be in my plan.” It is still too late to measure the effects of such slips in the rest of his campaign. “I don’t really know, MEP Emmanuel Mourel, a founding member of the Republican and Socialist Left, admits to mobilizing for Montebourg. Sure it was nonsense, but everything was catchy. We told him what we thought. Arnaud has the will to face all problems, but it is necessary to show judgment in such complex matters. It reminds us of the importance of co-operation. ”, Within which changes will be made to keep the candidate in the best position.

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