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Arrested after escaping

Arrested after escaping

On Friday, April 29, suspect Casey White, 38, and prison officer Vicki White, 56, disappeared from the sheriff’s office in Lauderdale, Alabama.

The US police launched an intensive search for the two. Night to Tuesday reports Sky News The two were arrested after a car chase in Indiana. It is said that the car chase ended in an accident, and prisoner White was sent to the hospital.

It has been speculated whether a prison officer helped the prisoner escape, or whether she had been exposed to something criminal.

At the beginning of the investigation, the basic theory was that prison officer White had been kidnapped by prisoner White. It was later revealed that the two, who were not related, He had a “special relationship”According to the BBC.

The agreement did not exist

The two left the custody of the sheriff’s office at 9:30 a.m. Friday morning. The prison officer is said to have told her colleagues that she would take the man accused of the murder to a local court for an assessment of his mental health, but it was later revealed that no such agreement existed.

A little after 11.00, the officer’s car was found in the parking lot of a shopping center – and about 15.30, the alarm went off. The prisoner was not returned to custody, and no one was able to contact the officer.

According to Sheriff Rick Singleton, prison officer White has worked in the office for about 25 years, working, among other things, to arrange transportation to court. I held the position of Assistant Director

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He has previously described her as an “exceptional” employee.

Leaving care: This is what 38-year-old Casey White looked like when he left custody on Friday, April 29.  Photo: Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office

Leaving care: This is what 38-year-old Casey White looked like when he left custody on Friday, April 29. Photo: Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office
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central role

The investigation indicated that prison officer White may have played a key role in helping the man accused of murder escape.

Friday, the day the two disappeared, is said to have been Vicki White’s last day in the office before she retired. According to the local police, she has been talking for some time about her desire to retire, according to local media eel.

She is said to have said she should see a doctor after the 38-year-old suspect was delivered to the courtroom. However, the veteran officer made a mistake when she left the remand prison.

Sheriff’s Office guidelines are clear that officers should not only transfer persons suspected of serious criminal offenses. However, surveillance photos show that she and accused Wyatt leave prison alone.

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“special relationship”

The police suspect that the officer did this on purpose.

“Investigators have received information from other prisoners that there was a private relationship between White and inmate Case White,” Sheriff Rick Singleton said in a statement on Tuesday.

Other prisoners are said to have said prison officer White treated prisoner White differently, by giving him extra amounts of food, among other things.

– He continued: – The relationship was confirmed through our investigation by independent sources.

The relationship between the two is said to have been romantic, and the police suspect that the prison officer was also in contact with the murder suspect in his spare time. He writes that the police traced their relationship to 2020 CNN.

A ‘special relationship’: The investigation revealed that suspect Casey White, 38, and prison officer Vicki White, 56, had a “special relationship.” Photo: Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office
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– Nothing to lose

White accused of murder is said to have confessed to the murder of 58-year-old Connie Ridgway in September 2020. Later, he was said to have denied the criminal charge, stating that he was mentally ill at the time of the crime.

White had already served a 75-year prison sentence for a number of violent criminal acts in 2015, such as burglary and car theft.

If convicted of the murder in 2020, he faces the death penalty. It is also said that he previously tried to escape from prison.

Al-Sharif described him as “extremely dangerous” and had previously told police officers not to risk meeting him.

“He has nothing to lose,” Sheriff Singleton said Monday.