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Arrested for murder after 40 years

Arrested for murder after 40 years

A 75-year-old Hawaiian man has been arrested for the unsolved murder of Karen Stitt, 15. Police claimed that his DNA was identified on the victim’s leather jacket and on a concrete wall, where the victim was found stabbed 59.

State is said to have been kidnapped from a bus stop in Northern California on September 3, 1982. The girl is also said to have been raped before the perpetrator killed her. NBC News.

The truck driver said that the girl’s body was found naked about 91 meters from the bus station Mercury News.

Santa Clara County investigators say they used DNA technology linked to family tree research, the same investigative process that led to the arrest of “The Golden State Killer” in 2018.

Police Detective Matt Hutchison described the 75-year-old as an elderly man with a bad groin and appeared shocked.

Three years ago, Hutchison began working with a genealogist who narrowed his DNA findings to four brothers.

Hutchison explained that the investigator would then visit one of the children of the 75-year-old, who gave a DNA sample that showed a high probability that the suspect was their father.

The police then received a court order to take a DNA sample of the 75-year-old. The results later confirmed that the DNA was identical to what was found at the crime scene.

The 75-year-old was retired and previously worked as a pest control operator. According to the police, he had nothing on his record.