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Aurore et Jonathan Malbranque ont eu un accident lors de la septième étape, en Turquie. Photo Ludovic Maillard

Arrow and Jonathan left the game after a tragic accident in Turkey

On the way to qualifying for the new stage, Arrow and Jonathan Mulfran saw the abrupt halt of the Beijing Express And tragically, in Turkey. The shooting of the fourteenth season of its adventure game M6 marked the Govt epidemic and By a fatal accident During the second part of filming, in September. But the channel did not disclose which team was involved in the crash. In the episode that aired this Tuesday evening, viewers discovered the Billy-Montigny couple.

Head trauma

The shock was violent, but the channel chose not to show pictures, especiallyArrow was seriously injured. From what we know about the circumstances of the accident, the driver of the truck that stopped the police did not act irresponsibly. But the driver could not avoid a car that lost control. The 82-year-old driver was killed. For his part, Aror, who suffered head trauma and a forehead injury, was hospitalized for twelve days in Turkey before being deported to France.

The broadcast of the game will continue without Arrow and Jonathan, to the amazement of many of their fans on social networks, putting them as one of the ultimate winners. Before the accident, they were made to enjoy a moment of beautiful emotion.

Accident, trauma, hospital …

Six months later, the Philistines agreed to return to this brutal reality and the impact it had on them. >>> Find our interview

The area is still represented by Christoph and Claire, father and daughter Lille, with whom the Philistines have established strong ties of friendship. It may seem like an event, but they won this Turkish stage.

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