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Arsenal’s legendary defense and Sporting’s exclusion: “Maybe it was a blessing” – England

Martin Keown aims for Arsenal to win the Premier League

After being eliminated from the League Cup and FA Cup, Sporting’s qualification for the Europa League relegated Arsenal to just one competition this season: the English Premier League, which they lead by five points behind Manchester City. Martin Keown, the legendary defender of the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, thought Europe’s farewell to the London formation could be beneficial. “Arsenal wasn’t even in European competition last season,” he said in remarks to BT Sport TV. “Maybe it’s a blessing to leave them.” The 56-year-old former England defender explained what was on the table. “The Premier League looks imminent and they can attack it with all their might. Arsenal are trying to hold on to Manchester City but we shouldn’t be surprised that they have suffered from all the changes they made against Sporting. They really want to win the Premier League. We felt that the league and the focus shifting to another competition was more than necessary”, posited Keon, who played for Arsenal for 15 seasons.

Written by Flavio Miguel Silva


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