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Art and Science with Alexandre Carvalho at another Café Philosofico »Famatv

Art and Science with Alexandre Carvalho at another Café Philosofico »Famatv

Between July 3 and 7, the city of Vila Nova de Famalicão will promote a summer university, with the aim of giving young people a future experience and various activities offered by the city’s partners in the event: Universidade Lusíada, IPCA – Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave, CESPU – Polytechnic and University Cooperation of Higher Education, CITEVE – Technological Center for the Textile and Clothing Industries of Portugal and CENFIM – Vocational Training Center for the Metallurgical and Metalworking Industry.

The event program includes many activities aimed at students from grade 9 to grade 12, who will have the opportunity to occupy part of the school vacation period, and at the same time get to know institutions of higher education and post-secondary training better, and may discover and nurture your vocation.

Through games, recreational activities, workshops, workshops, and group work, primary and secondary school students are scheduled to experience various activities, share dynamics and experience the rhythm and spirit of academic life, by connecting with laboratories, technology workshops, research centers, as well as with students, teachers, and researchers.

Participants will be accompanied by observers, municipal technicians and heads of the five partner institutions for this first edition of the Summer University.

Entries must be made by June 22, using a form available on the Famalicão Municipality website at

The cost of registration is 30 euros and includes participation in the activities, insurance, lunch and bus transportation to the institutions and the group of participants. Registration is mandatory and must be accompanied by the liability conditions and health card provided in the registration form.

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This initiative was created with the aim of helping young people envision higher education, providing them with the opportunity to “predict” the future and allowing them an experience that can help them make the right decision to pursue their studies after secondary education.