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Article 1 - Leon-Clermont: Peter Bose: "I saw things we did not see in the U12"

Article 1 – Leon-Clermont: Peter Bose: “I saw things we did not see in the U12”

“Soak the jersey!” When Peter Bose answered questions from Amazon Prime on the lawn of Grubama Stadium, he tricked a few dozen more supporters. They would have liked the coach to come and say a word to them. When the training center released a banner this week urging players to “move” or “break,” the OL coach did not have the same opinion this time around. He was delighted with the mood of his players who teamed up with Clermont in the final minutes (3-3). The evil was somewhere else, but the effect was the same.

Bose welcomes the mood but …

The result was another draw, second home after initially admitted at Brest. We had to go to the 2000/2001 season to find traces of OL not being able to win one of the first three games of the season. Another time Gones has yet to start a series of seven French championship titles. The way is different. “I understand supporters who are not happyPeter Bose agreed with Amazon. We are not allowed to draw at home against Clermont. As a coach when I look at the game I am not happy, but the team is completely different compared to last week. Today, up to 3-2 for me, it wasn’t that bad. “

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Sometimes not even that bad. If there’s one more thing to say about the OL’s defensive aspect, it was the attack animation that filled the competition, such as the 3-1 goal purchase before the break — one more double between Lucas Bacquetta and Bruno Guimaraes and Baghdad and House Sour Aur. “When I look at the third goal, it’s the football I want to watch. Most of the matches were like that but in the end we didn’t win, Judge Bose. Of course I am very disappointed. We can never accept a zero result. […] I’ve seen things you haven’t seen in U12s (under 12)“.

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Before that there was a double century from Moussa Tembo in the 20th minute, but there was also a goal against his camp from Sinali Diomonte. Nothing too serious in the interval, OL was in charge. Public opinion gave a glimpse of the generally controlled competition and the first success of one of the surprises and beautiful stories of the first two days. But this OL is fragile and Clermont, the most successful, knew it.

“Suspicion is the key to competition”

I told them it was enough to score a goal to get them in trouble, Pascal Castian, Clermont coach admitted on Amazon. Making them suspicious was the key to the game. This is what happened when we scored. “We felt less of Leonis at 3-2 after closing the ten-minute break from Rashani time. But even so, the outcome of the game should have been very different.

Second, we would not have played so well. We had chances to score a fourth goal and we didn’t actPeter Bose, who raised two massive events here that should have given refuge to the OL, regrets that, already in 75th place, Dembele is going to put down the “stolen” cadre. “That is what ultimately makes the difference. We know Clermont is going to believe it to the end“, Damien da Silva continues.

A few minutes later, in a corner, the same Rashani put both teams on equal footing. The worst thing is that if Bayo had been accurate at the stop time, Leon might have conceded the second consecutive loss. This is Leon’s complete confusion at this point. Very efficient at not shining but brittle enough. Despite Rookie Emerson on the left, the defense was further weakened. Peter Bose will be satisfied to hear about the mood, which is actually completely different than what is seen in Anchors. But after three days, OL has only two points. The facts are hard.

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