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Article: Man and Science

Article: Man and Science

The immortals of thought seek science’s endorsement in their observations, though realizing that it is slow – slowly coming to prove what he once believed and imagined. be seen! The Dream of Flying – By Icarus, Son of Daedalus: Science Realized Later With Airship No. 6. The Dream Of Going To The Moon – By John F. Kennedy: Science Realized Later With Apollo 11.

Indeed, those who practice science acknowledge that the mind (consciousness) is an entity (energy) that does not depend on the body and the brain to exist – what religions call a “soul” is more than a matter of faith – it is a scientific fact. From there, humanity expects science to overcome its duality with the goal of being one.

be seen! Yesterday he experimented with science with Dolly the sheep (born of a scientific and social revolution / cloning) and came to be seen as a villain (a scientist playing God). Today, science is experimenting with vaccines for the pandemic (Covid-19) and they are now seen as respectable.

In the face of duality, it is well known that life on Earth boils down to a triad: religion (feeling/ethics) – philosophy (living/ethics) – science (science/logic). Decoding, we are in life, knowing that within each one of us is a mosaic floor, which transcends dualities (night and day, good and evil, black and white, truth and lie, death and life …), available because we go through it and go as far as he wants Everyone can.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche places the superiority of life over science, because history is in a state of illness, within this scientific claim. The contradiction between life and knowledge presents itself as an obstacle: the equation of the duality between theory and method.

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Once the scenario is built, the question is: Is history narrative or science? right Now! As a result of the dictates of logic and reason, the language of science is cold and objective, so jealous of its prestige that Max Weber highlighted it: “experts without soul, senses without heart.”

However, other scholars such as Augusto Ruschi allowed the Indians to perform a “pajelança” (folk medicine remedy) in an attempt to treat a frog venom contamination (not confirmed at autopsy) – he had a soul and a heart. The ultimate goal is choice: respect for man above science.