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Artificial intelligence helps Instagram check your age with your face

Artificial intelligence helps Instagram check your age with your face

How old are you? Well, this question never leaves your side, no matter how old you are. You feel happy to answer up to the age you don’t really want people to know and if you are underage social media platforms are being replaced by people. But this time Instagram has something different planned for everyone. Instagram is testing new ways to verify age, including asking followers to verify their age and even using artificial intelligence (AI) that can estimate your age through a video selfie. It announced that it was part of an effort to ensure that users were at least 13 years old and to “ensure that teens and adults get the age-appropriate experience”.

Currently, Instagram only asks users to verify their age when teens attempt to edit their date of birth to show they are 18 or older. To check their ages, users can upload photos of different IDs, and starting today, users in the US will have two additional options: Social Proof and AI Estimate.

US users can also upload compatible ID photos to verify their age on Instagram. The company also uses another method called social proof. This includes three people aged 18 or over who are followers of the user. They need to confirm the age of this user if they receive a request from Instagram within three days.

Instagram also scans users’ posts after they accept additional verification, such as whether someone claims to be 20 posts about celebrating their 16th birthday. It even tests a method based on a person’s written posts to see if they’re writing like a teenager or an adult, although we certainly see a lot of adults on Instagram writing as if they were teenagers.

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