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Artur Jorge defends VAR technology but leaves out the criticism: “There are teams where the lines have disappeared…” – Seb Braga

Artur Jorge defends VAR technology but leaves out the criticism: “There are teams where the lines have disappeared…” – Seb Braga

Statements by the Braga coach ahead of the match against Portimonense, which will be held on Saturday at 8:30 pm

• Photography: José Jajero/Movephoto

Artur Jorge, coach of Sp.Braga, reviewed Saturday’s match (8:30 p.m.) against Portimonense, at Estádio Municipal de Braga, on Friday, in the 10th round of the Betclic League.
Reception in Portimonense
“It’s an important match for us to be able to win again, combining the good performance we had with the result to continue our goals. Portimonense is one of the good teams in the league. Paulo Sergio has been in the league for a number of years. The club, with its own ideas, is in a stable position. “It’s a team that defends well and is very strong in transition, with mobile players up front, and it can be that way, that we have a Portimonense team waiting for a mistake to make a difference in transition.”

Does having two negatives in the tournament leave you in peace?
He added: “We have more matches at this time than we had last year because of the four playoff matches, and the number of victories is increasing. We have two fewer points in the tournament and we will try to correct quickly to be within what we expected.” “And do more and better. That will always be our goal: to look forward and upward to do better. We were very demanding in all the matches, and we did not achieve one or the other in terms of results. We live on results, me in particular, and that is why we want to get back to “Ways of victories.”

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Andre Horta will play his 300th match tomorrow. Will it be a start?
“Tomorrow I will announce the eleven.”

Is VAR a useful tool in your opinion?
“Everything that can bring fairness and honesty on the field should be seen as positive. But we have seen some mistakes, even injustice, that end up being imposed on an instrument, has the opposite meaning. In this tournament, we have teams in which the lines have disappeared, The lines were not shown, the frames that create doubts, like the goal we conceded with zero centimeters, and this leads us to doubts about VAR, as an intervener, we have to look at what benefits the game and not us. “We can let it go when we make a mistake. But we all realize that it doesn’t work out the way we want it to. But when used well, it is beneficial to the fairness and honesty of the show.”

Can Serdar, Nyakati and Gomez play?
“It’s very simple: I don’t have any players injured.”

Written by Jose Lima