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Artur Jorge is based on Ricardo Horta: "The boss asks for 20 million, he's nice" - Sp.  Braga

Artur Jorge is based on Ricardo Horta: “The boss asks for 20 million, he’s nice” – Sp. Braga

Artur George gave an interview to Sport TV, which was broadcast this evening, in which he addressed several topics, without overlooking the file of Ricardo Horta. He was one of the champions this summer, but with a Sp. Braga to ensure his presence and that the captain is “fully satisfied to be in his place”. The initial release also included Misrati, another desirable player in this market. Artur Jorge ruled out any surprises about these two players. “No, not at all. I have always had a frank and honest conversation with the president, I know everything that happens in relation to the players, and at the moment the players of Al Masrati and Ricardo Horta are mine and I count on them, because they are players of more value to the club and, above all, What I see in them is that they are completely unafraid and calm about the media coverage of their name..George.”Ricardo is our captain, he’s my captain. He adds not only an athlete, but also his daily parity, a very calm, very dedicated player on a daily basis. It’s been 90 minutes [contra o Celta de Vigo]At a good level he is a player who is fully committed to the project and ambitions of Seb. Braga,” he noted, after later admitting to media coverage about Ricardo Horta.

“There is much more pressure in the everyday life of an athlete, but Ricciardo is completely satisfied with being where he is, committed to the goals of SP. Braga and has the comfort of having a very close relationship with the president. Everything is very clear to everyone. We, the president have made it public. In this The moment we are the same with every day and what could be tomorrow,” he said.

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And will Ricardo Horta be a €20m player, as Antonio Salvador demands? “20 million is what the president asks, the condition is 30. He is nice. But he is a player who deserves it, for his value. And for me, as his coach at the moment, I am very happy that you have a player of this quality, who can help me and above all to Sp. Braga for what it already represents as the history of the club,” said Artur Jorge.

Plan B inside

The coach of the Warriors team confirmed that the team includes 28 players, and Ricardo Horta is one of the 28 players. “Therefore, we prepare, identify and attack targets with those,” he said. However, if Horta leaves, the solution is at home.

“I have a plan B, for sure, we have players on the team, we have 24 players on the field. I naturally have alternatives for his position, and there are going to be matches where Ricciardo may not play, and I have to have valid alternatives who are able to give a really strong answer at the moment. A very regular, very reliable and a player who adds value. We are all happy to have him with us,” referring to the rejection of the idea of ​​a possible change of goals if Horta leaves: “At the moment, that scenario does not arise.”