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Mobi.e: A partir de hoje fica mais caro carregar um carro elétrico

As of today, charging an electric vehicle will be more expensive

2021 is the first year in which the tariffs of the Electric Mobility Network Management Entity will be applied. With the gradual process of full implementation of the Electric Mobility Regulation, MOBI.E has announced the collection of an “EGME Tariff”, which will be supervised by the Regulatory Authority.

Learn about the new tariff values ​​for the EGME.

Mobi.E fee will cost 33 cents per shipment

In the Mobi.E network, users' access to charging stations is global and does not depend on the networks with which the service is contracted, unlike what happens in other countries.

In Portugal, through the Mobi.E network, this service is provided free of charge and under the supervision of the regulatory entity responsible for determining the tariff of the Electric Mobility Network Management Entity (EGME).

Mobi.e: Starting today, charging an electric vehicle will be more expensive

Thus ERSE has determined the value of the EGME tariff, which will be paid as of today (May 1) by CEME (Electricity Dealers for Electric Mobility), OPC (Shipping Point Operator) and DPC (Charge Point Holders).

MOBI.E will start charging EGME fees to Market Agents, and they have no direct application for users, according to the following values:

  • EGME tariff applied to electricity suppliers for electric mobility (CEME): 0.1657 € / shipment;
  • EGME tariff applied to Shipping Point Operators (OPC): 0.1657 EUR / shipment;
  • EGME tariff applied to Charge Point Holders (DPC): € 0.0385 / day / point of charge.

Calculations made, loading the car at the Mobi.e station will cost an additional 33 cents (per load). The Mobi.E network has geographic coverage of more than 90% of municipalities, and is a network of more than 1650 charging stations and more than 3,400 ports. According to the information, these new fees will generate 780 thousand euros this year and will be used to finance the public network.

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