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As tensions rise at ‘BB’, Claudio Ramos loses his temper and calls his former direct rival ‘stupid’ – Nacional

As tensions rise at ‘BB’, Claudio Ramos loses his temper and calls his former direct rival ‘stupid’ – Nacional

Claudio Ramos did not hold his tongue and fired a shot at former “Big Brother” rival Helder Teixeirawhen Ze Lopez referred to his expulsion from the program “BB 2020” for performing a Nazi salute in the middle of the TVI reality show, on the program “Dois à 10”, on Monday.

The discussion took place at a time when there is intense debate about the escalation of tensions in the current edition, with controversies involving many competitors such as Francisco Montero, Francisco Valle, Marcia Soares or the already expelled Ze Pedro, which has already led fans to wonder that the competitors are being eliminated by Production.

“I think it’s partly our fault, because in the other versions we were punished for very small things and we didn’t even explain why. When the Nazi salute was given to Helder, I was against his expulsion. “I think they should have created a discussion, they should have watched the documentaries, and he still doesn’t know why he was fired,” Zee Lopez said.

Claudio Ramos was quick to respond: “He doesn’t know, because he’s stupid. If a person walks into a program like this and is so worried about organizing drawers and clothes and doesn’t know what a Nazi salute is, it’s because he or she is stupid. It is up to us to explain, we explained, we taught. He is a loving person, but active as a player.” Later, he recalled the homophobic statements made by Helder towards Edmar Teixeira, in a version in which the rival also led to another controversy, by harassing Jessica Nogueira in the confessional.

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But Cristina Ferreira objected to the terminology adopted by Claudio Ramos: “But do you need to use expensive words to introduce characters?”

At the time of expulsion, The Lordship of the House explained the reasons that led to the decision being taken“We cannot underestimate its value or underestimate its importance. The gesture he made symbolizes millions of dead people. Helder knows better than anyone else the importance of words and gestures.”big brother‘. Thousands of people watch them and they must be aware of what they say and do. For all this Helder, He is no longer welcome in my home. He’s been fired.”