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ASAE received 400 complaints about fuel prices - Atualidade

ASAE received 400 complaints about fuel prices – Atualidade

“We will be watching the market closely as with everything else,” Pedro Portugal Gaspar said in an interview with Antena 1: “It is still being assessed whether ASAE will return to the “field” to monitor the evolution of fuel prices. and Journal de Negosios.

After noting that these are “400 complaints being analyzed,” the ASAE official revealed that through the two price controls that were carried out within eight days at 71 gas stations in the country, there was “some fluctuation” in prices.

Regarding foodstuffs, the inspector general said ASAE is monitoring the impact of inflation on prices, arguing that although increases of 20 and 30% were detected, they may not constitute guesswork.

“In this respect, it does not seem to me that 20 or 30% margins will meet the requirements which are speculative practice, given that, in fact, there are also, upstream in the chain, many elements of a price increase that could justify this volatility. himself,” he said.

At the beginning of the month, the ASAE announced that it had detected only one case of alleged non-compliance in the application of the Petroleum Products (ISP) tax cut at the gas stations it monitors.

This monitoring at the national level of gas stations aims to verify the implementation of the new measure to reduce fuel prices resulting from the decline of the Internet service provider.

The authority explained that this procedure was “assumed to verify the fluctuation of liter prices compared to previous periods, in particular evaluating the impact of the Internet service provider’s reduction on the final price of the consumer.”

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