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ASAE pede para consumidores denunciarem irregularidades no preço dos combustíveis

ASAE requires consumers to report irregularities in fuel prices

Today will be the day when fuel prices have to go down a few cents, due to the announced cutback in the ISP by the government, as a way to relieve the pressure of price hikes.

However, some service stations may not comply with the reduction, prompting ASAE to announce that it will monitor price developments and seek consumer assistance to report irregularities.

ASAE begins work to monitor price developments

The Ministry of Finance had announced the reduction of the ISP - the tax on petroleum products - at the end of last week. This reduction will be revised each week, resulting in, for now, an additional tax deduction of 14.2 cents per liter of diesel fuel and 15.5 cents per liter of gasoline.

However, this reduction, which should be used to ease prices among consumers, appears to be used by many gas stations to increase profit margins, and the requested price reduction is not verified.

Thus, the Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE) announced that it will begin to monitor the evolution of prices, in order to assess the effective effects of the tax cut.

ASAE requires consumers to report irregularities in fuel prices

In a statement released this morning, ASAE states that

The Food and Economic Security Authority, in its capacity as the supervisory and preventive authority for compliance with the legislation regulating the exercise of economic activities, monitors the development of fuel prices since 00:00 today, to verify their fluctuation compared to previous periods, in particular, to assess the impact of the Internet service provider’s reduction on the final price of the consumer

Furthermore, it warns consumers to be aware and report cases of potential wrongdoing related to unfair business practices, by The form at your gate.

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