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“Ashamed and guilty”: the police room seized the statements of a woman who accused Dani Alves of rape

And “El Periódico” revealed, this Tuesday, that the Catalan police recorded the first statements of the woman who accuses Dani Alves of raping her, through a camera that was on the chest of an officer and that he would do it forcibly.

In these photos, taken in the early hours of December 31, the same source confirms, that the victim was “washed with tears” and in a “nervous state”, while describing what the player did: the woman said that the Brazilian had raped her. , attacking, and that she felt “embarrassed and guilty for entering the club bathroom” with the sidekick.

Moreover, this version of the victim is similar to the one presented in court, and the evidence gathered when the young woman was assisted in the hospital does not play in favor of Dani Alves.

The Spanish press also revealed the strategy pursued by the Catalan police to detain the 39-year-old Pumas defender: the authorities followed the Brazilian’s movements in a “secret way”, paying particular attention to the footballer’s social networks to find out when he returned to Spain. Once he set foot on Spanish soil, he ended up getting captured – last Friday.

It is reported that Dani Alves hired one of the most famous lawyers in Barcelona to defend him, Cristobal Martel, who had already represented Lionel Messi and the father of the Argentine star when both were accused of tax fraud.

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