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Ask your questions about the vaccination campaign in Brazil

Ask your questions about the vaccination campaign in Brazil

a Ministry of Health started New vaccination campaign against the flu This Monday (4/4). The vaccine has proven to be effective against H3N2 . strainwhich caused an outbreak of influenza earlier this year, as well as against strains of H1N1 and type B. influenza virus It is constantly changing, it is important to vaccinate the population every year.

Who should take?

World Health Organization (Who is the) recommends that all people, from the age of six months, be vaccinated against influenza, regardless of whether or not they have any type of comorbidity. The only contraindication, other than in children under 180 days of age, is a history of severe allergic reaction to influenza vaccine in previous years.

In the case of children aged six months to less than 5 years who have already received a dose of influenza vaccine throughout their lives in previous years, vaccination with only one dose should be carried out in 2022. For children who will be vaccinated for the first time, the orientation is to schedule an appointment The second dose of influenza vaccine for 30 days after the first dose.

What are the stages of the campaign?

In this first phase of influenza immunization, from April 4 to April 30, seniors aged 60 or over and health workers must go to health centers. On April 30, the Ministry of Health will promote a “Victory Day” for national mobilization, when people of all ages can be vaccinated.

After this date, other groups will form the target audience for the second phase of vaccination until the end of the campaign, scheduled for June 3.

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What are the other priority groups in the campaign?

People with chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and lung disease are in the priority group and need to get a flu shot every year. In addition, pregnant and postpartum women (women who have given birth in the last 45 days) should also be vaccinated against influenza.

Is an interval recommended between influenza and Covid-19 vaccines?

Infection scientist Alberto Chapopo, of the Dasa Health Network, explains that there is no need for the interval between Covid-19 influenza vaccinations. “There is no need to wait 14 days (or less) between doses of the vaccine. A person can take the two different types of immunization on the same day,” Shababow explains.

However, there is an exception for children up to 11 years of age who have been vaccinated against Covid-19, they must wait a period of 15 days between applying doses, so that any cross-reaction can be ruled out.

Does anyone who got the flu at the end of last year need to be vaccinated again?

According to Shabau, even those who received the flu shot in late 2021 or early 2022 should get the new vaccine as of April.

“Every year, the technology updates the immunization with the strain most prevalent in the previous year. This ensures greater protection of the population, especially with the advent of autumn, when the combination of low temperatures and air humidity leads to the spread of influenza syndrome,” the specialist notes.