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AstraZeneca announces a 77% effective treatment that can replace vaccines

AstraZeneca announces a 77% effective treatment that can replace vaccines

AstraZeneca today announced that its antibody therapy has reached its primary target in a final phase of clinical trial.

The company, citing British media, said that the treatment, which combines two types of antibodies, initially discovered by Vanderbilt University Medical Center, reduced the risk of developing Covid-19 with symptoms by 77%.

The same report concluded that more than 75% of the participants in this study had chronic diseases, including poor immune response to vaccination.

The results are already from a Phase 3 clinical trial, designed to assess the safety and efficacy of the treatment, being conducted in Spain, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom and the United States and involving 5,197 participants, 75% of whom were involved. who have comorbidities.

Myron Levine, lead author of the trial and a professor at the University of Colorado in the United States, explained to AFP that the data show that a dose of this drug can “rapidly and effectively prevent Covid-19 with the onset of symptoms.”

“With these tremendous results, AZD7442 (the treatment codename) could be an important tool in our arsenal to help people who could benefit from more than one vaccine restore their normal lives,” he said.

The pharmaceutical company is also developing studies to try to reuse existing drugs, which can also fight the novel coronavirus.

The drug is expected to be used as an alternative or alongside vaccines for those who need more protection, providing up to 12 months of protection, the pharmaceutical company announced.

These results were released on the day The UK has approved another treatment Using antibodies developed in the laboratory.

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