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Astro Bot is back with an impressive new toy

Astro Bot is back with an impressive new toy

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PlayStation is seeing the return of one of its biggest icons with the unexpected launch of a new game.

During the latest release of State of Play, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced the return of one of its most popular characters, the little robot Astro Bot, who has been absent from the console since its launch in 2020. The little mascot made his debut on PS4 at the console's launch and in 2018 won his first solo adventure, with a virtual reality game. “Astro Bot: Rescue Mission”, a project that quickly gained popularity among players, offers many hours of fun.

In her criticism, he said: IGN He commented, “The challenging platforming and natural implementation of VR make this one of the most interesting and truly fresh games of recent times. 'Astro Bot: Rescue Mission' realizes the potential of PSVR It is a must have for device owners. “Astro Bot is a platformer for PS4 VR that, although it looks like a simple game, is not. It is quite possibly the most refreshing VR experience ever,” our critic Luis Pinto noted in his analysis.

The little robot returns to Sony consoles with Astro games room, a mini-game designed to demonstrate the advanced capabilities of the DualSense. Now, after 4 years of absence, this wonderful icon returns to PS5 with another solo adventure, this time without having to use virtual reality.

Astro Bot returns to PS5

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a Asobi team She was on hand at the recent State of Play event to showcase her latest project, “Astro Bot,” an impressive platformer that promises to bring back the iconic PlayStation icon, in a large-scale project. The video game will allow players to explore 6 different galaxies, which in total make up an impressive 80 game levels. In this new adventure, the little robot aims to reunite his entire group of friends, spread across different galaxies. To do this, you will have to travel through volcanoes, icy landscapes and tropical forests where you will meet familiar faces from the PlayStation world.

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Throughout the adventure, Astro will have to face different threats, made up of 70 new enemy types and unlock 15 new skills. The new game will also celebrate 30 years of Sony's console history, and is scheduled to be released on September 6th.

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what is your opinion of the game? Will you give him a chance?

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