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Astro Robot from Amazon appears in user videos

Astro Robot from Amazon appears in user videos

Although it started sending to users in November, few videos from Android Amazon Astro It appeared on the Internet and the device is already in use in people’s homes. But a few days ago, Bob Rikita Post a video On YouTube, Astro is shown running around the house and obeying an order to get someone a beer.

In the video, you can see Astro carrying a can of beer into the back cabin (which Rekieta must have placed, since Amazon’s tiny robot He has no arms). The user then asks Astro to “find Celeste,” and the robot scans the areas around the “eyes” circle on the screen. Astro manages to identify the occupant and take a beer for her as she displays the message “Hello, Celeste”.

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Another user, Matthew Nerim, a teacher at an elementary school in Florida, I spoke to Bloomberg About your experiences with Astro so far. Narim said he loves to control the robot with his cell phone and use it to harass his dog.

Matthew Nerim and Astro’s dog. Photo via Matthew Nerim/Bloomberg

He also has Astro following him around the house. The robot essentially works like an Alexa handheld smart display, and can hold drinks in the rear cup holder. “It’s like having an R2-D2,” Nerim said in the interview. “My friends and family think it’s funny. They say: This thing keeps stalking you?!”

But Nereim also mentioned some issues with Astro, including that the robot sometimes gets lost searching for its charging base and gets confused with stairs. Right now, there are no reports of Amazon bot launching itself certain death from a ladder, which is something The developers said That would definitely happen.

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Another complaint from Nereim: He thinks the suggested price, $1,449.99 (about R$7,290), is too expensive for what the product offers. As a beta user, Nereim paid $999 (5,030 R$) for Astro, but thinks around $700 ($3,520) would be a more realistic value for the bot.

Currently, Astro is only available through an invite program, where the user pays $999 and sends Amazon feedback about the bot. Amazon has not yet set a date for the official launch of the Astro device on the market.

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Disclosure / Amazon

Astro allows users to access live video from their camera via the app, remotely control their movements, and listen and talk to people in the room through speakers and microphones. The robot can do home security and send an alert if it finds someone it doesn’t recognize. Astro also obeys Alexa voice commands, can play music, give a weather forecast, and answer questions.

source: the edge

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