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Astronomers reveal the “fastest growing black hole so far”

Astronomers reveal the “fastest growing black hole so far”

HeyQuasars are the bright cores of distant galaxies, which are composed of black holes (Dense and dark objects are inferred by the gravity of the matter that they exert) They have enormous masses.

The mass of the black hole of the quasar J0529-4351 grows by the equivalent of the Sun every day. “Making it the fastest growing black hole yet discovered.”OES, which operates the VLT telescope, says in a statement, in Chile, the origin of the discovery, which was published in the specialized journal Nature Astronomy.

According to the OES, “Black holes that fuel quasars remove matter from their surrounding environment through a highly active process that causes the object to emit enormous amounts of light.”

“This is why quasars are some of the brightest objects in the sky, even the farthest from Earth.”highlights the statement.

In the case of quasar J0529-4351, its light took more than 12 billion years to reach Earth.

The OES, an astronomical organization of which Portugal is a member, adds that the material being pulled towards the black hole, in the form of a disk, emits so much energy that it makes the quasar “J0529-4351” more than 500 billion times larger. Brighter than the sun.

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