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Astroski Bowiet presented at the "Innovative Local Government 2021" competition.  Mobile application, Moja Astroska, approved

Astroski Bowiet presented at the “Innovative Local Government 2021” competition. Mobile application, Moja Astroska, approved

Astroski Bowie was honored with this year’s “Innovative Local Government” competition organized by the BAP Local Government Service. Prime Minister Matos Morawicki accepted the co-sponsorship of the event. During the final exhibition of the competition, a congratulatory letter was read to the winners.

– This is a special award for those who choose pro-environmental and pro-social solutions – stressed Prime Minister Matos Moravsky.


This year’s edition of the competition was attended by 226 local governments from across the country, who submitted 396 projects, or more than 30%. More than last year’s version. Cities inhabiting more than 200,000 people – 17 prizes and 48 variations were awarded in five competition categories. People, Urban Communes, Urban-Rural Communes, Rural Communes and Bowieats.

– The most important assessment criteria are a national level of innovation and the results of solutions used and the ability to encourage other local government units to take similar constructive action – we read on the website of the Astroska County Office.

In the Boviets category, the incarnation of the caregiver of the elderly won first place by Priscilla County for Innovation Aid. Third place went to óczyński County – the first maintenance and housing center in Jaszko, Poland. .

Second place went to Astroski Bowieat for mobile application.

Thanks to the launch of the app in September last year, Bowie residents gained access to news and information about events organized in Bowie and the contents of the General Information Bulletin. Bowie can provide announcements about officials, crisis situations and other news. The application is integrated with the regional alarm system.

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– We encourage residents to use the app. It meets the latest standards and will be installed on devices supported by Android and iOS operating systems. You can download it for free on your phone. It provides access to information on Bowie news and events organized at Bowie and the contents of the General Information Bulletin. In addition, it allows residents to receive notifications of crisis situations and other news in the form of a bush, which are immediately displayed on users’ phones – we read on the district office’s website.

Users may face issues such as their needs or road damage. The program makes it possible to document the notification with the photo taken and determine the location using GPS. Utility users have access to an interactive map that represents schools, monuments or tourist sites.

Full results of this year’s edition of the competition are available on the website PAP Samorządowego Service.

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