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Asustor unveils new AS67 NAS

Asustor unveils new AS67 NAS

The ASUSTOR About the new series of devices AS67which is a 2.5Gb NAS for enthusiasts looking for a robust, reliable and uncompromising solution available in 2, 4 and 6 slot versions.

An essential part of ASUSTOR’s new LOCKERSTOR Gen2 offering for NAS devices, the new AS67 series includes the new Intel Celeron N5105 quad-core processor with Intel 10nm technology. Intel’s Jasper Lake Celeron CPUs enable up to 31% more performance over previous generation Celeron processors.

Intel’s Celeron N5105 processor clocks at 2.0 GHz but can reach as high as 2.9 GHz, allowing for efficient content creation with the added flexibility of upgrades to 10-Gigabit Ethernet – connection technology also supported, for which no proprietary Lockerstor Gen2 series PCIe slot accepts Longer now 10 Gigabit Ethernet cards for maximum flexibility.

Flexibility is, in fact, another key feature—and it’s even stronger because the new ASUSTOR AS67 allows you to install up to four M.2 SSDs or a 10 Gigabit Ethernet card into an available PCI Express slot for maximum performance—and underline—uses LOCKERSTOR Gen2 The new DDR4-2933 memory and super-fast 2.5Gb Ethernet make content creation easier than ever.

At least, by including four SSDs, a significant amount of heat is expected to be generated – however, with additional ventilation, the Lockerstor Gen2 ensures that all components inside the NAS receive proper cooling.

The new AS67 represents ASUSTROR’s first: USB 3.2 Gen 2×1, which allows you to enjoy up to twice the performance compared to USB 3.2 Gen1 at up to 10Gbps. And, as you’d expect from ASUSTOR, M.2 SSDs can be installed tool-free thanks to replacing the screws with a latch system.

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One need that enthusiasts seek to unlock is maximum creativity without the limitations of computing – and here again, the new ASUSTOR AS67 acts as the key to success, unleashing all that potential with support for Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, easily collaborating with any Person anywhere, data backup and Adobe Creative Cloud version control, video streaming from YouTube and/or Twitch with replay and recording functionality.

In addition to combining all of these cutting-edge technologies, the new ASUSTOR AS67 also uses powerful software tools to ensure data remains safe and secure, backed by advanced hardware for increased speed and efficiency.

Pricing and availability Asustor AS67

The new NAS devices AS6702T, AS6704T and AS6706T are available on the Portuguese market at €559, €719 and €939, respectively.

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