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At 55, Miura sets the record for the oldest footballer ever and shoots: “I haven't played in a long time...” - Internacional

At 55, Miura sets the record for the oldest footballer ever and shoots: “I haven’t played in a long time…” – Internacional

The veteran played the last 14 minutes of the match between the Kiriakau Shinjuku and the Suzuka Point Jeters, of the fourth division of Japan.

Kazuyoshi Miura increased last Sunday [ontem]In the match between Criacao Shinjuku and Suzuka Point Getters, the 24th round of the J-League Fourth Division held the record – which he already held – for the world’s oldest professional footballer to play in an official match. Kazuyoshi Miura, aged 55 years and 225 days, entered in the 76th minute of the match at the reconstructed Japan National Stadium, which had a competition record attendance of 16,218 people in the stands.

She began by saying “When I was on the bench I felt the same as always, but after entering the field I gradually started, and I feel like I was able to feel comfortable on the field. Very happy to be able to play,” the veteran striker downplayed the importance of coming back for goals. : “I think the most important thing is for the team to keep winning matches. Show these results to the Suzuka compatriots. We want to show that we can be in the J-League. We want to be able to show our strength, as we want to do in the next six matches”, The athlete said at the end of Sunday’s game.

However, Kazuyoshi Miura, who turns 56 in February, is a far cry from the age he set to end his distant football career, as he already did. Want to keep playing football until you’re 60.

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