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At a WHO event, Marcos Pontes highlighted the importance of science in the fight against Covid-19

Highlighting the work of Fucruz and the Butantan Institute in the production of immunizing agents, the minister said that Brazil has 15 vaccine projects underway, three of which are in the clinical trial stage.

Clea Fianna / House of RepresentativesThe minister defended that South American countries have a common strategy against Covid-19

Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Bridge landmarksMonday praised the role of science in pandemic. Pontes participated in an event for the World Health Organization (Who is the), which discussed vaccination against a COVID-19. The Minister cited the lessons learned from the fight Corona Virus They stated that science is “the only weapon we have to fight the enemy.” Highlight the work of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fucruz) e do Putantan Institute He said Brazil has 15 projects for Vaccines In progress, three are in the clinical trial phase. The minister explained that importing the inputs brings some problems, which is why it is necessary to produce the fortifying agents and the active pharmaceutical ingredient in the country. Marcos Pontes also said that the virus does not respect borders and defended that South American countries have a common strategy against Covid-19. According to the minister, it does not make sense for one country to fight the disease, while others are still facing the problem.

*With information from the reporter Vitor Brown

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