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At least 125 people died in floods and landslides in India - VG

At least 125 people died in floods and landslides in India – VG

90,000 people have been evacuated after catastrophic floods and landslides in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Photo: AP

The death toll rises in connection with the ongoing flood disaster in India.


Maharashtra is currently experiencing the worst rainfall in the state in 40 years. The massive amounts of rain led to landslides that killed at least 96 people.

An intense search for survivors is underway.

About 1,000 people were trapped in buildings and vehicles, and nearly 90,000 people were said to have been evacuated from the area.

Military, navy, air force and emergency teams have been deployed to the rescue work, According to the island.

– Unmatched

A landslide flattened a nearby village, southeast of Mumbai. Dozens of people are still missing in the village.

Prime Minister Udav Thackeray will visit Talya on Saturday.

– We are doing what we have to do to save lives and property, Al Jazeera reported.

Showers are unparalleled and we are facing an unexpected emergency.

In the Satara district, 27 people were confirmed dead after the buildings were swept away by the flood.

In total, the death toll from the floods in the state has now reached 125, According to Reuters.

In parts of western India, there was up to 600 mm of rain per day. Several areas were evacuated before the flooded levees were emptied.

Mumbai is located in the state of Maharashtra. At least two people were killed and several others injured when a building collapsed as a result of the floods.

The Mumbai-Bangalore highway is partially flooded, vehicles stuck for several hours.

The coastal area was also completely isolated after the collapse of bridges and mobile masts. The destroyed infrastructure in the area creates challenges for rescue work.

– Situation in Maharashtra after heavy rains is closely monitored, those affected are receiving assistance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote in a statement on Twitter

It also expresses despair over the loss of human life.

Collapse: A building collapsed in Mumbai on Friday after heavy rain. Photo: HEMANSHI KAMANI / X06991

Severe weather sweeps the world

Heavy rains in China and Central Europe have also caused severe damage in recent weeks. In addition, heat waves have turned parts of Canada and the northwestern United States upside down.

June this year was the warmest in North America.

Extreme weather is creating new concern about the consequences of climate change.

In India, floods are common during the monsoon season. However, rainfall has increased in recent years, according to BBC.

Heavy rains are expected to continue in Maharashtra in the coming days.

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