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At least 13 injured after Hong Kong skyscraper fire - VG

At least 13 injured after Hong Kong skyscraper fire – VG

Firefighters lift people from the roof after a fire broke out at the World Trade Center in Hong Kong. At least 13 people were injured.


Burning has begun at Hong Kong’s World Trade Center, and an unknown number of people are trapped on top of the building, according to reports. South China Morning Newspaper.

According to the newspaper, more than 300 people are trapped on the roof of the building. according to BBC We are talking about more than 100 people.

The fire broke out at 05:30 on Wednesday, Norwegian time.

The skyscraper serves as a shopping center and office building. According to the newspaper, shoppers and restaurant guests are among those in the building. The building has 38 floors.

1,200 people were evacuated, while at least 13 people were injured after the fire.

according to South China Morning Newspaper Local authorities suspect the fire broke out in rooms with cables and servers in the basement of the building.

According to the newspaper, the fire is a fire called a “third degree” fire. The Hong Kong Fire Department operates on five levels.

The newspaper said the building has undergone renovations in recent months.

He writes that several roads were closed due to the fire Standard.

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