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At least 13 South African air passengers have been infected with omikron – VG

Coronafest: Passengers had to wait for the plane for several hours in Schiphol.

The Dutch public health institute RIVM confirms that at least 13 of the 61 infected travelers from South Africa have Omicron.


Investigations are not completed. The institute writes in a press release that it is likely that the alternative will be demonstrated in several test results.

Analytics – called sequencing – is a time-consuming process.

Dutch Health Minister Hugo de Jong said at a press conference on Sunday that he is in dialogue with the country’s public health institute and European colleagues to assess whether more measures are needed.

Everyone who has traveled from South Africa to the Netherlands in the past week is required to take the test.

– What we have now received information is that of the 61 reported from the plane from South Africa to the Netherlands, 13 likely had the new variant, and none of them were seriously ill, said FHI’s Director of Infection Control, Frode Forland to VG.

Dutch health authorities have not released any information publicly.

No confirmation in Norway

In Norway, there are still no confirmed or suspected cases of this type of virus that have been discovered by South African health authorities. It is unclear where the virus first originated.

Dutch media reported on Saturday that several passengers were likely infected with the omicron variant. Test results for all 61 positive samples are expected on Sunday.

The two flights from South Africa landed in the Netherlands on Friday morning. One plane landed from Cape Town at 10:30 am and the other from Johannesburg at 11 am.

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More than 600 passengers were not allowed to leave the planes for several hours and had to be tested. The passengers of the two planes were kept separated from the others by the airport.

Persons who have tested positive for the disease are required to Isolate yourself in a quarantine hotel For at least seven days if they develop symptoms, and five days if they have no symptoms.

Those who test negative must be in home quarantine for five days and test again on the fifth day.