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At least 169 cases of pediatric acute hepatitis have been detected in 12 countries

At least 169 cases of pediatric acute hepatitis have been detected in 12 countries

The The World Health Organization declared an outbreak of “unknown source” April 15 that affects children aged 1 to 16 months, with hepatitis and “in many cases”, gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and high fever. of liver enzymes.

In approximately half of the cases, adenovirus has been identified, but the most common virus in viral hepatitis has not been identified.

In the UK, where 114 cases have been detected, there is a “significant increase in adenovirus infections in the community*, as in the Netherlands, as in the Netherlands, the WHO notes”.

However, the spread of adenovirus “does not fully explain the severity of the clinical picture”, since the detected variant, called type 41, stands out not for causing such severe cases of hepatitis, but rather of respiratory disease, gastroenteritis, hepatitis. Conjunctivitis or bladder infections.

The World Health Organization is currently ruling out that it may be a side effect of the covid-19 vaccine, because “the vast majority of infected children have not been vaccinated”.

Factors such as increased susceptibility to infection in young children, following reduced circulatory levels at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the potential for emergence of a new adenovirus, such as co-infection with SARS-CoV-2 [20 das crianças doentes tinham sido infetadas com o coronavírus e 19 com SARS-CoV-2 e adenovírus] need investigation,” the World Health Organization stresses.

The WHO also found cases in Spain (13), Israel (12), the United States (nine), Denmark (six), Ireland (five), the Netherlands (four), Norway (two), France (two) and Romania. (one) and Belgium (one).

“It is very likely that more cases will be detected before the cause of the outbreak is confirmed and prevention measures are put in place,” highlights the UN agency, which points to “regular hand washing and respiratory hygiene” as ways to prevent transmission. glandular.

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The World Health Organization does not recommend any restrictions on travel or trade with the UK or any other country where outbreaks of acute hepatitis have been reported.

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