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At least 20 rounds were fired in a mass shooting in Miami - VG

At least 20 rounds were fired in a mass shooting in Miami – VG

Up to 25 people were shot dead and two confirmed killed in a mass shooting at a concert venue in Miami, Florida.


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Large forces rushed to a mass shooting in Miami, Florida, in the United States, which has a million-strong population, Sunday evening local time.

Miami Herald He writes that up to 25 people were wounded in the shooting and that 2 people were killed. He must have been seriously injured.

Also the local channel WPLG Local 10 News It was reported that up to 25 people were shot and two people were killed.

The mass shooting reportedly took place in the Molla Concert Hall, adjacent to the County Club shopping center in the Hialeah area of ​​Miami, ABC News journalist Parker Brenton reported. Twitter.

According to Brenton, the wounded were taken to several hospitals nearby, some in private cars, while others were transported by the fire department.

Miami-Dade Police say the venue was rented out for a concert. When the concert was over, a white SUV stopped outside and three men jumped out and started shooting into the crowd.

It is not currently clear whether the perpetrator was the divorced person or the one who was arrested by the police.

According to the Miami Herald, this is the second major mass shooting in Miami this weekend. One person was killed and six wounded in a shooting incident in the Windwood neighborhood on Saturday night.