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At least 25 dead in Kentucky in flash floods

At least 25 dead in Kentucky in flash floods

– The death toll is rising, says Andy Besher, the governor of Kentucky.

Tonya Smith’s trailer was destroyed in a flood. Here she accepts food from her mother, Ole Jane Johnson, which she will give to her father, Paul Johnson.

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The major flood in Kentucky and other parts of the Appalachians in the eastern United States has so far claimed at least 25 lives. The New York Times.

It is said that the cause of the floods was the large amounts of rain that fell earlier in the week. Some areas reported 20 cm of rain in a 24-hour period. More rain has been reported in the area.

– This is very deadly, and it hits us hard. Even though Kentucky often gets flooded, we haven’t seen anything like it, says Andy Beshear, the state’s governor.

It is believed that the death toll will rise in the coming days.

– Governor Bashir said in a press conference this morning, Friday, that an unknown number of the missing are missing, according to what he reported. CNN.

A rescue team evacuates residents from their homes on flooded streets in Braithet County, Kentucky, July 28.

Among the dead were several children

It is assumed that among the dead were six children, including a one-year-old. Four of the children were from the same family. The children’s parents were notified of the flood at 2 am, and they only had minutes to escape. One of her relatives, Brittany Trejo, said the four children, aged 1, 4, 6 and 8, climbed with their parents to the roof of the caravan. The New York Times.

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– They only stayed there for a short time before realizing that the whole house would be razed, Trejo told the newspaper.

Family floats with blocks of water towards a nearby tree. The current from the bodies of water pulled the children from the hands of their parents, who were clinging to the tree.

“They were loving, caring and well-behaved children,” says their relative, adding that a stranger eventually rescued the parents in a kayak.

Several residents were hastily evacuated, including Shirley Stamper (74) and her mother, Ethel Stamper (94).

– I said, “Ethel, will you be in this helicopter?” , Shirley Stamper told the New York Times on Friday. She and 94 were evacuated by the US National Guard, with mud in their feet and tiny clothes.

Along with dozens of others, they are now safely in the Gospel Church.

People work to free a house stuck in a bridge near the Whitesburg Recycling Center, Friday, July 29.

They lost everything they had

Many homes are surrounded by water, and homeowners have had to swim to safety. In addition to rain, a storm was reported in the area early next week.

– Many people here have lost everything they own. Patricia Colombo, 63, said half of their homes were under water AP.

She goes on to say that she panicked when water started pouring into the car she was driving in Hazzard, Kentucky. The phone gave no signal, but she made contact with a helicopter that helped her get to safety.

Van Jackson owns an auto parts company in Garrett, Kentucky. He says he does not have flood insurance to cover post-flood damage.

At least 33,000 homes are without electricity and many have lost phone signals. Many of the exposed areas are among the poorest in the United States, writes the Associated Press.

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The Great Flood joins a string of extreme weather events in the United States recently.