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At least 90 people die in Ahrwheeler district - S.W.R.

At least 90 people die in Ahrwheeler district – S.W.R.

More than 90 people have died in the Ahrwheeler district alone after catastrophic floods. Police in Cobblens announced Saturday morning. Prime Minister Trier promised to support all those affected.

Fear that more deaths will occur. A total of 618 people were injured, according to police headquarters. Even here, it said, the number could rise further.

On Friday evening, Interior Minister Roger Levantes (SPD) said at least 65 people had been killed in floods in the Rhineland-Palatinate in the SWR. Searching for the missing. Restoration of infrastructure is very important at this time – roads, telecommunications, energy. “We respond to it with humans and rats,” Lewands actually says. Lewands and Prime Minister Malu Tray (SPD) had previously created an image of destruction there for the first time at the Eiffel Schultz.

Speaking on television at SWR, Trayer thanked all the citizens and organizations that volunteer and help. It was a catastrophic natural disaster that the Rhineland-Palatinate never experienced. But support is coming from all parts of Germany, abroad and the US Armed Forces. Trayer said this big crisis can only be tackled together.

Twelve people died at the facility for the disabled

In the town of Cincinnati in the Ahrwheeler district alone, 12 of the 35 residents of the facility for the disabled died. A spokesman for the sponsors’ association, “LeBenshilf”, said he was more or less surprised when he fell asleep. The staff of LeBlancShilf are terrified, bewildered, and in boundless sorrow.

It is difficult to calculate the number of missing persons

In Ahwheeler district, 1,300 people were reported missing Thursday. A district spokesman said the cellular network was down and many were not available. “We hope it will be destroyed,” he said.

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The search for victims and missing persons was at the forefront on Friday, said Frank Heschemer, president of the Rhineland-Palatinate Fire Brigade Association. It will take a few more days. Due to the chaos in the flooded areas, the overview is not yet available.

Rescue workers on duty all night

Heavy rains turned small rivers into streams, some of which flooded entire villages and washed away homes. The village of Schultz, home to 700 people in the community of Adena in the Ahrwheeler district, was particularly affected. Police and firefighters were there all night. About 50 houses were damaged in the area.

The catastrophic floods claimed many lives. Nothing for others: their apartments and houses were destroyed. This is how they can help people.
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The Altenah community before and after the flood

Before and after the photo clearly shows how the Ahr River turned into a stream and submerged the Aldenahar.

The flood of Ahr led to an unimaginable catastrophe in Ahrwheeler district. The infrastructure is badly damaged – for example a critical gas pipeline. Many churches have no electricity. All bridges in the district over Ahr have been destroyed. Many sat on the roofs for hours during the heavy rain. The current was so strong that it was difficult to rescue them as some places could not even be reached by boat. Ahrin’s condition has decreased. Nevertheless, there is great concern that there will be more rainfall in Eiffel.

Elsewhere in the north of the Rhineland-Palatinate, many municipalities are under water. In Trier’s Ehrang district, a flood protection wall was submerged in floodwaters. Some parts of the place were flooded by Kyla and the electricity went out. The city said about 1,000 people had been brought to safety.

Bundeswehr supports rescue troops, which have now sent about 900 troops to the disaster areas of northern Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. Among other things, a backup tank arrived at Schultz on Friday afternoon.


After the flood in Kyle (Photo: dpa Bildfunk, Image Alliance / dpa | Harold Title)

After the flood disaster, especially in the north of the country, the full extent is slowly becoming clear. The number of dead and missing is on the rise. Current situation here:
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Police are asking people not to search for the missing on their own

Police in Copeland warned against driving to areas affected by the flood disaster. “Please do not go to the disaster area to search for relatives or protect property,” he said on Twitter on Thursday evening. “Otherwise you could endanger yourself and prevent rescue operations!”

The Ministry of Finance announces tax assistance

The state government decided to set up a reconstruction department. Victims of severe weather disasters can count on tax assistance. This was announced by Rhineland-Baltinate Finance Minister Doris Ahnen (SPD). Tax offices meet with the injured party on a personal basis and make decisions for the benefit of the taxpayer.

The Rhineland-Palatinate state had already provided மில்லியன் 50 million in short-term support on Thursday. The money will be used to repair damage to roads, bridges and other structures. But companies, neighboring communities and many private individuals have offered help, especially to people in the Ahrwheeler district.

Rhineland-Palatinate Environment Minister Anne Spiegel (Greens) announced at the SWR that she wants to reunite with disaster-affected communities as soon as possible. It should be about damage repair, precautionary measures against future heavy rains and climate protection.

Chancellor Merkel promised to help

President Angela Merkel (CDU) attended a video conference of the Rhineland-Palatinate State Crisis Committee on Friday afternoon. In a conversation with representatives of Prime Minister Malu Tray (SPD) and emergency services, government spokesman Stephen Seibert said he had briefed himself on the current situation in the disaster areas and the state of the rescue efforts. The Chancellor promised “short-term and long-term support from the federal government” to the people affected by the Rhineland-Palatinate.

SWR Plant Beneficial

Swestdwestrundfunk (SWR) plans a major benefit show in Trier in the coming weeks. More information will follow. 100 percent of the proceeds from the concert will go to the flood victims. During the next week, there will also be an SWR charity campaign, through which the broadcaster will seek to support affected people by inviting donations.

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