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At least eight people were killed after a mass shooting

At least eight people were killed after a mass shooting

Police spokesman Jenny Cook confirmed eight people had been killed CNN.

We found eight people with gunshot wounds. She says the eight were declared dead on the spot.

The number of injured has not yet been confirmed. Cook said at least four were taken to hospital, one of them critically injured.

According to the Associated Press that the shooting occurred near the FedEx building near the airport in Indianapolis.

Family members of FedEx people have gathered at a hotel about a kilometer and a half from the shooting site, he writes The New York Times.

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He was pronounced dead

Police said the perpetrator committed suicide, according to the Indianapolis Star.

Cook says that the police arrived at the scene while the shooting was still going on. A number of them were shot and wounded, but Cook did not say how many. She adds that since the suspected perpetrator is dead, there is no immediate danger to others.

– The officers responded, went in, and did their job. A lot of them handle this, Cook says, because it’s a sight that no one should ever see.

The newspaper wrote that the shooting took place around 23:30 pm Thursday.


“FedEx is aware of the tragic shooting at our facility near the Indianapolis airport,” the company said in a statement. They write that they are working to gather information and cooperate with the investigators. More than 4,000 people work at the plant in Indianapolis.

The incident is the latest in a series of shooting episodes in the United States in recent weeks. Less than a week ago, eight people were shot dead at a spa in Georgia.

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Earlier in April, US President Joe Biden announced several tougher regulation of certain types of firearms in the United States.