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At what time can you watch the match live on any channel?

At what time can you watch the match live on any channel?

Fights between PSG and OM have always been events on a French scale and in Europe. This year, the competition is a game between two clubs. Because after the first 31 days and at the start of this new meeting, the players of PSG and OM point to the first two places in the championship. If the title on PSG seems to be almost bought, OM players want to continue the suspense. After 31 games played, PSG have scored 71 points for 22 wins, 5 draws and 4 defeats. This record allows PSG to count 12 points ahead of their first follower OM. For its part, Marseille Club have 59 points from 17 wins, 8 draws and 6 defeats. 12 points behind is hard to fill in the title perspective today. But OM is lagging behind mainly because George Sampoli’s team is only 3 points ahead of third-placed Rennie. RC Strasbourg and Nice, in a long battle with OM, now look set to win a direct qualifier for the next Champions League. So what a channel Follow this match live between OM and PSG ?

Competition PSG – OM: On which channel?

To continue this match between PSG and OM live, go to the Amazon Prime video channel this Sunday evening. If we specify the shape of the moment, the benefit seems to go to the moving OM side. In fact, Marseille have won their last 4 Ligue 1 Uber Eats meetings, while Parisian club Lorient and Clermond are in a narrow series with 2 wins. In these last two games, PSG has shone dramatically, surpassing 11 goals in total. Triple-scorers against Clermont, Neymar and Mbabane should start at kick-off time. So, at what point can the rivalry between OM and PSG be followed live?

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Competition PSG – OM: At what time?

The game against the Olympique de Marseille team against Paris Saint-Germain will start at 8:45 pm this Sunday on the Amazon Prime channel, but your special Classico evening can begin at 7 pm with the Sunday Sauer football special. But before accessing this PSG-OM in the best possible context, you must have subscribed to two separate subscriptions. Since Amazon Prime, the loyalty program of the Amazon operating system. This first subscription will allow you to access the Amazon Prime video channel and content. It also allows you to take advantage of the specific benefits of using the Amazon operating system. So, you can become a member of Amazon Prime and benefit from free shipping on orders placed on the platform. Amazon Prime allows early access to some Flash sales and exclusive access to the public up to half an hour before the sale.

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Subscribe to Amazon Prime and Ligue 1 Pass to follow PSG – OM

This first subscription is available for an unlimited price of 49 euros a year or 5.99 euros a month. For students, the price is 24 euros per year and the probationary period is extended to 3 months. After subscribing to this first subscription you now have access to the Amazon Prime video channel, now is the time to subscribe to Ligue 1 Pass: Allows you to follow 80% of Ligue 1’s live competition. Uber Eats and Ligue 2 BKT. Ideal for chasing football at any time of the weekend, betting on your favorite team and European venues or maintenance! This second subscription is available for 12.99 a month, with no validity yet. Selecting a monthly fee for two subscriptions costs € 18.98 per month.

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To learn more Amazon Prime Video and Ligu 1 Boss

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PSG – OM: At what time can you watch the match live on any channel?