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Atibaia Health Units Strengthen Prevention Measures Against Prostate Cancer

Atibaia Health Units Strengthen Prevention Measures Against Prostate Cancer

Prejudice remains men’s biggest villain in the fight against prostate cancer. Those who resist preventive screening reduce the chances of early diagnosis and thus harm the healing process. The earlier the disease is detected, the higher the chances of defeating it.

Since 2008, November has been marked by a movement in favor of men’s health. The “Novembro Azul” campaign was created with the aim of developing actions that encourage males to devote more attention to health and to realize the importance of disease prevention, with a focus on prostate cancer.

The municipality of Atibaia, through the Department of Health, is promoting a series of measures targeting men’s health, in reference to the Blue November campaign. Among them are the PSA exams for men over 40, speaking sessions and educational lectures.

According to the Atibaia Health Department, it is very important to take care of men and prevent many from suffering from serious health problems due to lack of information. Often, men with prostate cancer seek health services with the disease in an advanced stage.

Check the schedule:
* 11/16 – UBS Centro – A panel discussion and awareness raising on this topic.

* 11/17 – UBS Alvinópolis – 9 am – Conversational tour of the elderly center and throughout the day there will be a PSA request for men over 40 years of age and rapid tests for STDs.

* 11/17 – UBS Itapetinga – Men’s Health Day, with pressure measurements, and instructions on Psa tests. Quick clarification lectures on prostate cancer, as well as assessment and guidelines for oral health in men.

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* 17/11 – USF Maracanã – Round Table from 10am to 12pm. During the month, PSA-on-demand will be collected for men over the age of 40 for early detection of prostate cancer.

* 20/11 – USF Cerejeiras – An informative lecture in the waiting room on the topic, PSA collection and rapid tests.

* 20/11 – UBS Flamenguinho – Request for PSA and rapid testing of the target population.

*29/11 – UBS Rio Maior – Conversation ring with guidance and PSA request.